DragonOS FocalX GPSD w/ Remote Kismet Wi-Fi Survey (Python-Kismet-Metagpsd, Alfa, BU-353S4)

This video explains how to use several tools included in DragonOS in such a way that'll enable GPSD location + Kismet information to be sent securely back to a Kismet ...server and associate it to the source it's running on. That allows the devices located during the survey to have real time location information. You could basically set up as many remote nodes as you wanted and have them all sending back to one central Kismet server. This can be used as a distributed wireless intrusion detection system for the purposes of protecting your network.

Although I only show a Wi-Fi survey in this video, understand any of the other Kismet Cap tools that have the "static gps" option can also be configured with MetaGPS. You can also use the Pipenv directions mentioned on the hobobandy project page if you don't want to use the included virtual environment in DragonOS *AFTER* using sudo pip3 install pipenv.

** python3-websockets has been fixed in 22.04 and is a deb package in the kismet dev repo now (I’ll add to my PPA too) but with it installed you do not need to do the venv part I show. The metagps py file will just run with the native python3 in DragonOS. **

More on Kismet Remote Captures here,

And the new MetaGPSD python script is here,

You'll need to add one package with pip as described in the video after activating the python venv, everything else is included.

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