DragonOS FocalX OpenBTS + SteamDeck in 2023 w/ LimeSDR Mini v1 (S4, FocalX R28)

Step by step video showing how to get the latest OpenBTS up and running on the Valve SteamDeck w/ DragonOS FocalX. I chose to use the LimeSDR Mini v1 to ...highlight the fact that what's needed to do so is already included in DragonOS FocalX and will most likely (not tested) work with the LimeSDR Mini v2 since it's I've used the latest 2022 LimeSuite, Firmware, etc. Keep fingers crossed!

The version of OpenBTS that's used in this video can be found here, master branch was used. I plan on including all of this in future versions of DragonOS FocalX.

It's important to note, transmitting in this case needs to be done so in a protected and shielded environment so as not to interfere with any existing networks. Most likely a license is needed to transmit in a legal fashion. I'm not encouraging any use beyond a research/learning setup.

As always, enjoy. Following these exact steps *should* result in the same experience. Understand that a phone capable of GSM w/ SIM card (can probably be any Sim) is required.

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