DragonOS Pi64 Decoding Inmarsat C w/ RTLSDR, SDR++, and QT Parser (Pi4, RealVNC)

This video shows how to setup the latest DragonOS Pi64 image in such a way that it can be accessed w/ RealVNC without having to have an HDMI connection. With just the basic Real VNC account, you will not have audio over the connection though. You can possibly find other ways of passing audio as needed.

The second part of the video focuses on setting up SDR++ w/ the third party Inmarsat-C plug-in I put into place on DragonOS Pi64.

Once the plug-in is activated by the module manager it's pretty straight forward from there. Make sure you have the correct type antenna, external or internal bias t, and have the antenna aimed in the correct direction. This pdf by SDRPlay has some good information on Inmarsat-C,

For the actual parsing piece, you can use either the QT Parser or command line parser I show in the video. Once frames are decoded the info is sent over the network (I may have said audio, I think I meant frames) to the parser. That could be local or remote as well.

Take care to follow whatever laws are in place in your area as some messages may contain private information. The purpose of this video is purely educational and any info shown was, to the best of my knowledge, generic publicly available information.

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