DragonOS FocalX Passive Sniffing LTE IMSI + BTLE Security Research (bladeRF, Ubertooth, B205, X310)

**Title**: LTE IMSI Sniffing and Bluetooth Low Energy Security Research


In this video, we'll take another look at LTE IMSI sniffing. I'll also show, to my surprise, Mirage and the Ubertooth ...
Bluetooth working and doing some BTLE sniffing.

📡 **LTE IMSI Sniffing**:
We start with LTE IMSI sniffing using the powerful LTEsniffer w/ updates, running on an X310 with two daughterboards. I'm keeping it legal and ethical by using my own equipment and closely monitoring the legal implications. You can explore the details of this project on GitHub

I'll demonstrate how this setup can monitor both uplink and downlink LTE traffic, highlighting the importance of protecting sensitive data in the world of cellular networks.

📶 **Creating My Own LTE Network**:
To show you LTE IMSI sniffing in action, I've set up my own LTE network using srsRAN. This opens up exciting possibilities for network exploration and understanding the technology behind it.

🌐 **Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Vulnerabilities**:
Transitioning into the world of Bluetooth Low Energy, I introduce you to Mirage, a powerful and modular framework dedicated to wireless analysis. You can find more information about Mirage at
Using a BladeRF, I create a simulated wireless connection between two clients. While Mirage is running, an Ubertooth One is actively sniffing for new BLE connections. This demonstrates the potential security risks and vulnerabilities present in BLE devices and how they can be exploited.

🔒 **Legal and Ethical Considerations**:
Throughout the video, I emphasize the importance of ethical research and respecting legal boundaries when exploring security vulnerabilities. My commitment to ethical hacking and responsible disclosure is paramount in all my endeavors.

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