DragonOS FocalX GR-GSM Scanner + Livemon w/ Remote GSMEvil2 GSM Collector (hackRF, limeSDR)

Short video showing how to use GR-GSM Scanner to first find a GSM network and secondly how to use GR-GSM Livemon to send GSM information to a remote collector.

a test network outside of a protected and shielded environment is NOT being encouraged here and all necessary precautions need to be taken by any user to abide by all local RF related regulations.

Once Livemon is verified working, a collector can be setup to receieve GSM information. In this video, the collector is GSMEvil2 w/ modified interface. A python3.8 virtual environment is also activated before use. Using pyshark/tshark and filters, GSMEvil2 pulls selected information out of what Livemon is sending to the interface configured w/ the IP used on the GR-GSM Livemon side.

For more information on GR-GSM or GSMEvil2:

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