WarDragon Decoding Drone Remote ID w/ Compiled Sniffle Firmware + WireShark (CatSniffer v3)

In this video we'll compile Sniffle firmware for the CatSniffer v3 device and setup Wireshark for the purposes of decoding FAA Remote ID signals emitted by drones. More on what ...Remote ID can be found here,

From start to finish, I walk you through each step, demonstrating how to establish a connection between CatSniffer v3 and Wireshark. Learn how to set up an extcap symlink to Sniffle tools and configure a Wireshark dissector, enabling Wireshark to recognize extended frames and long-range BT5 signals.

With a Holy Stone Remote ID transmitter as my test subject, I show the decoding process in action as Wireshark decodes its signals with the assistance of CatSniffer and Wireshark dissectors.

To replicate this setup, you can find essential resources below:

Sniffle GitHub repository:
CatSniffer Tools:
Wireshark dissector:

Special thanks to HackerWarehouse for their support and provision of the CatSniffer during the last DEFCON, as well as a big thanks to Electronic Cats for later getting me on to the V3 CatSniffer.

Join me in unraveling the intricacies of FAA Remote ID compliance and delve into the fascinating world of drone signal analysis with the CatSniffer v3 and Wireshark integration.

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