WarDragon Real-Time Decoding Meshtastic w/ GNU Radio & SDR (RTLSDR v3)

In this video, I'll be showing a project called *Meshtastic_SDR.* This project leverages *GNU Radio* and a *software-defined radio (SDR)* to decode Meshtastic messages using a Python-based decoder. You can ...find the project on GitLab here

*What is Meshtastic?*
Meshtastic is a powerful open-source project that enables communication via low-cost LoRa radios. It’s designed for creating mesh networks, allowing devices to relay messages across a wide area without relying on traditional infrastructure. The protocol is perfect for off-grid communication, emergency situations, and hobbyist networking projects.

*Project Overview:*
In this video, I demonstrate how to use a flow graph designed specifically for all US-based frequencies with a 250 kHz bandwidth setting using an *RTL-SDR*.

*Key Components:*
- *GNU Radio:* The open-source software toolkit that processes the radio signals.
- *RTL-SDR:* The affordable software-defined radio used to capture the signals.
- *Python Decoder:* A script that decodes the Meshtastic messages from the radio signals.

*Technical Details:*
The flow graph utilizes separate ports on a ZMQ sink for different preset types (e.g., long, fast), allowing the Python decoder to be opened multiple times, each instance pointing to a specific port, facilitating simultaneous decoding of various message types. The AES key of the Meshtastic network is required to decode the messages.

*Advantages of Using SDR:*
The major benefit of using an SDR in this setup is its ability to monitor multiple presets at once, unlike traditional Meshtastic equipment, which is usually limited to a single preset.

Join me in exploring how this Meshtastic_SDR project can emulate standard Meshtastic equipment, with the added versatility of SDR technology. Whether you're a radio enthusiast, a software developer, or just curious about off-grid communication systems, this project has something to offer.

- Meshtastic Project
- Meshtastic_SDR on GitLab
- GNU Radio

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